Roses from members gardens
  1. 'Girls Night Out'
    'Girls Night Out'
    Hybrid Tea
  2. 'Knock Out'
    'Knock Out'
    Non stop blooming on the standard (tree rose)
  3. 'Sun Sprite'
    'Sun Sprite'
    Rose grown as a standard (tree rose)
Roses from members gardens
  1. 'Betty Boop'
    'Betty Boop'
    Betty Boop is a prolific red blend Floribunda.
  2. 'Octoberfest'
    Octoberfest is is an orange blend grandiflora.
Roses from members gardens
  1. Ebb Tide
    Ebb Tide
    Ebb Tide is a mauve Floribunda rose.
  2. Rock & Roll
    Rock & Roll
    Rock & Roll is a red blend Grandiflora rose. It is seen here in a challenge class in a rose show. The lovely frame and accent foliage makes a nice presentation.
  3. Tuscany
    Tuscany is an Old Garden Rose- specifically a Hybrid Gallica that was in existence before 1598. It has a semi-double form.
Roses in members gardens
  1. Distant Drums
    Distant Drums
    Distant Drums is a shrub rose with a color that changes from the bud stage to the fully open stage.
  2. Betty Boop
    Betty Boop
    Betty Boop is a popular red blend Floribunda rose. It grows in tight sprays of flowers as shown here.
  3. Elina
    Elina is a light yellow Hybrid Tea rose. It grows one per stem and has the classis florist rose shape.
Roses in members gardens
  1. Climbing miniature rose, Rainbow's End
    Climbing miniature rose, Rainbow's End
    Rainbow's End is a yellow blend miniature rose that is available in the small bush for and the climbing version, as seen here. The red color on the edges get darker when exposed to full sun.
  2. Mardi Gras
    Mardi Gras
    Mardi Gras is a pink blend Floribunda. When growing this rose, if you pinch out the center bud, the plant will produce large sprays of flowers as seen here.
  3. Playboy
    Playboy is a red blend Floribunda rose that is disease resistant. It is our featured rose in the web sit header. This rose grows in the display garden at the Silverdale library.