Garden Visit at Margie and Jerry's
  1. Lois and Sally
    Lois and Sally
    Enjoying the garden
  2. So many beautiful areas
    So many beautiful areas
    Perennials and landscape shrubs
  3. Dahlias
  4. Ray and Jim visit
    Ray and Jim visit
    Enjoying the beautiful weather
  5. Title 15
    Title 15
  6. Title 16
    Title 16
Club members
  1. Ralph, Annette and Joy
    Ralph, Annette and Joy
    They know how to enjoy the garden!
  2. It's a family affair
  3. Description


  1. Managing Director
    Ralph and Joy
  2. Managing Director
    Liberty Bay
    A beautiful site on a great day!
  3. Managing Director
    Roger, Dan and Ralph
    Solving all the problems in the rose world
  4. Managing Director
    Good food
    Our members know what to bring to make a pot luck successful!
  5. Managing Director
    Jerry and Ed
    Telling rose storues
  6. Managing Director
    ERIS the garden kitty
    Our entertainment for the afternoon.
Sally and Roger hosted on Liberty Bay